Body Shop

The Bodyshop was set-up as a dealer accident repair workshop serving the range of CMC models. However demand for quality repairs by insurance companies, brokers and assessors was the realization that the Bodyshop needed to open-up to other vehicle makes beyond its range of models. The Bodyshop strategic location is a distinct advantage noting that its over 10,000 square meters can deliver a workshop through-put of upto 400 repair jobs a month

The vast models ranging from heavy trucks and buses to sleek top of the range units and Concours Elegance entrants call for diverse delicate and harnessed expertise to meet and exceed the expectations.

Whatever model of your vehicle, CMC Accident Repair Workshop is the first stop to meeting your Auto-body needs.​​

What We Do

* The lost shape is carefully retracted and restructured. The firmly replicated product is braced with superbly mixed and matched color shades desired.

* Disfigured heavy and robust units are articulately remodeled and resized.​


To uphold the appearance, performance and safety of your vehicle CMC Motors only uses Genuine parts and the world's best renowned paints such as Sherwin Williams Automotive Paints and recently entered into a dealership of Crown Berger range of paints.​


Metallic Paints

ATX System:

Only one color system to reproduce over 30,000 colors and in different finishes.​

Industrial Paints

Syncron System:

It is a versatile and compact system with a diverse range to adapt to the consumption requirements of small and medium size industry.​



  • Efficiency: a limited number of base colors can guarantee the production of thousands of vehicle colors.
  • Technology: capable of reproducing all automotive colors in different finishes.
  • Ecological value: low content of volatile substances used reducing the release of organic compounds into the atmosphere.
  • High profitability: an extremely high profitability and reduces processing time.


  • Wide range of colors to choose from.
  • Excellent resistance to chemical agents.
  • Long-lasting brilliance.
  • Easy to apply.
  • High covering effect.