The KUGA perfectly reflects your aspiring, self-assured nature. Its inspirational technologies together with a beautifully executed design, deliver premium luxury with superior performance – making the KUGA the ideal partner to your enterprising and adventurous spirit.

Make the most of the terrain around you. The KUGA’s All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) and streamlined power and efficiency lets you take whatever your day serves up to you, with confidence.

Traction where you need it

This isn’t just any All-Wheel-Drive (AWD)*. Every 16 milliseconds, the KUGA adjusts which wheels get torque, so your cornering and traction is always at an optimum. It provides traction in all sorts of road conditions, whether rain, hail, snow or shine. But this isn’t the only technology working to keep you effortlessly connected to the road. Torque Vectoring Control automatically transfers torque to the wheels with the most grip. The front end hugs the inside of every bend for superb handling, virtually eliminating under-steering.

*AWD functionality is derivative dependent.


Wherever your travels take you, the KUGA delivers smart and effortless adventure with exciting technology you never want to be without.

The world at your fingertips

Let the well-crafted interior of the KUGA elevate what you see, hear and touch. Delight in the ample storage space, thanks to a new electronic handbrake that allows for an ergonomically placed gear shifter and new media bin at the base of the easy-to-navigate center console. In addition to all the voice-activated benefits of SYNC® – placing and answering calls, and controlling music from your devices – you’ll love the new easy-to-use interface of SYNC®3*. Its 8-inch color touchscreen displays phone, audio and navigation** features, with enhanced voice recognition that lets you give simple commands. The capacitive touchscreen includes a convenient swipe feature, as well as pinch-to-zoom functionality within navigation.

*SYNC®3 optional on all derivatives. **Please note, features such as Navigation varies by market. Visit your Ford Distributor for details.


The more time we can put between you and your next visit to the fuel pump, the better. The fuel-saving technology in the KUGA is designed to help lower your cost of ownership. All without the slightest compromise on style and performance

1.5L EcoBoost M/T FWD

The impressive 1.5l engine delivers 110kW of power and 240Nm of torque Experience a turbocharged direct-injection engine, with robust low-end torque and virtually no turbo lag.

1.5L EcoBoost A/T AWD

Expect improved responsiveness of 132kW of power and quick torque delivery of 240Nm of torque, from the 1.5l twin-scroll turbocharged, direct-injection engine. The twin-scroll design maximizes pulse energy to the turbine wheel for quick torque delivery when needed most, for example, when passing or merging onto a highway. New paddle-shift technology enhances the driving fun on automatic derivatives.

Key Features