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The Jimny is an inexpensive rugged, 1.3 L mini 4x4 that delivers great value for its size and will go just about anywhere. it is built on a tough truck-style chassis and comes with dual-range gearing, which means it will thrive in off-road conditions that would stop or damage other small SUVs.

As well, the Jimny’s compact dimensions make it easy to manoeuvre and to park in tight spots. It is available is soft top and hard top and It’s smooth engine propels the lightweight Jimny in a lively manner around town and supplies enough urge for secure highway cruising.

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Key Features

A legend for more than forty years, the Suzuki Jimny is the iconic 4×4 off-roader. No road is too difficult, no conditions are too tough, thanks to its selectable low ratio 4WD, unbeatable manoeuvrability and compact dimensions.