From the moment you set eyes on the Baleno, you’ll know that everything is different now. A new, refined excitement that grabs your heart and won’t let go - a sense of delight that changes your preconception of what a car can be. When you take off in a Baleno, you ride at the vanguard of a thrilling new life.

We wanted to incorporate new design into the style of the vehicle without losing its individuality. The Baleno combines a low and wide form for outstanding stability with a body shaped by dynamically flowing curves. This painstaking attention to design is what grabs the viewer’s heart and refuses to let it go.

Key Features

The Baleno instrument panel follows the low and wide design concept of the exterior, creating an expansive interior space. The innovative design of the instrument panel centre, with easily operated audio and automatic air conditioning controls, accentuates the cockpit. When you slip into the driver’s seat, the first thing you notice is the information display at the centre of the instrument cluster, which gives a clear picture of the state of the car. This advanced multi-information display has a 4.2-inch colour LCD screen (GLX) that intuitively conveys a range of information such as fuel efficiency, engine output, average vehicle speed and driving results.