CMC Motors offers a wide range of accessories, from ​crash bars to ladders and roof carriers. To find out more, contact :+254 - 20- 554111​ ​​​​or enquire via the website.



Standard Crash Bar ​
 Crash Bar C/W Bumper ​​​
​Crash Bar C/W Winch Bumper​​​
Rear Bumper Bar P/UP Type​​​

Standard Crash Bar ​

 Crash Bar C/W Bumper ​

​Crash Bar C/W Winch Bumper​

Rear Bumper Bar P/UP Type​


Center Bull Bar
Side Bars Super-Structure​​​
Full Length Roof Rack C/W Ladder​​​​​

Center Bull Bar

Set Of Side Steps​

Side Bars Super-Structure​

Full Length Roof Rack C/W Ladder​​​

Half Length Roof Rack C/W Ladder​​
Single Roof Hatch (2 Ft. Square) ​​​
Double Roof Hatch (2 Ft. Square) ​​​
Swing Type S/Wheel Carrier​​​

Half Length Roof Rack C/W Ladder

Single Roof Hatch (2 Ft. Square) ​

Double Roof Hatch (2 Ft. Square) ​

Swing Type S/Wheel Carrier​


Hinge Type S/Wheel Carrier​
S/Wheel Carrier​​ On Roof Rack​​
S/Wheel Carrier​​ On P/UPTray Side​​
Internal Roll Bar​​​​

Hinge Type S/Wheel Carrier​

S/Wheel Carrier​​ On Roof Rack

S/Wheel Carrier​​ On P/UPTray Side

Internal Roll Bar​​


External P/UP Roll Bar ​

L/Rover Anti-Roll Bar ​

Front Diff. Protection Plate​

 Rear Diff. Protection Plate ​​

Fuel Tank Protection Plate ​
Sump Guard​​​
Rear Light Guards​​​
Front Lamp Guards​​​​

Fuel Tank Protection Plate ​

Sump Guard​

Rear Light Guards​

Front Lamp Guards​​


Alloy Wing Protectors​

Alloy Bonnet Protectors​

​High Lift Jack​

​High Lift Jacking Points​​


​Sand Ladders​​
​Raised Air Intake ​
​​Rear Tow Hook Drop Plate​​​​

Fitting Of High Lift Jack​

​Sand Ladders

Raised Air Intake ​

​​Rear Tow Hook Drop Plate​​

Pin Tow Hook ​

Pin Tow Hook ​

​50mm Tow Ball​

​50mm Tow Hitch​

50mm Tow Hitch​ With Overun


7 Pin Electric Socket​
​Double Shock Absorbers​​​
​Canvas Seat Covers​​​
​Chubby Box​​​

7 Pin Electric Socket​

​Double Shock Absorbers​

​Canvas Seat Covers​

​Chubby Box​

Forward Facing Seat Belts​

Forward Facing Seat Belts

Air Conditioner

​Rear Seat Lowering ​​